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Rob a TrainRob a Train Rob a TrainRob a Train Rob a TrainRob a Train Rob a TrainRob a Train

Rob a Train

A new 2D game for the android platform...

Rob a Train is a 2D side scroller for the android platform. The goal is to collect as many moneybags as possible and avoid getting killed by enemy troops. You will also have to make sure that you stay on the train at all costs or you will be killed. To aid you in your hunt for money you have a revolver with a maximum of 6 bullets...

The game uses OpenGL ES for its graphics and input is handled by the touch screen. To jump, simply touch the player character. Enemies are shot down by touching the screen at their position.

Version history:

v1.3.3: Minor service release.
v1.3.2: Added the upload score option.
v1.3.1: Minor game play tweak.
v1.3: New content and tweaked game play.
v1.2: Fixed scaling problems on WVGA and FWVGA screens.
v1.1.2: Minor bug fix.
v1.1: Added ads.
v1.0: Initial release.

Game info

Rob a Train

Platform: Android
Version: 1.3.3
Gameplay: Action